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That’s three times more than an average employee with a bachelor degree.The hottest hookers can make up to 400.000 baht if she’s in the right social circles and know how to deal her cards.If you absolutely want to go further with a bar girl, and you think you have something going on. If she only want to talk and be in your company, maybe she actually likes you and want to be with you. I recommend you reading the book “The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse into the True Nature of Women“.It provides a peek into girls life when they are not with their boyfriends.There are a ton of girls on these sites that don’t want your money, but are looking for real relationships and friendships.A lot of girls moves away from their family in their 20’s to find work in the bigger cities. I hate to ask for donations but this site ain’t running for free!The moment you fly out of Thailand, another fly in. They know exactly what kind of buttons to push to make you feel special so you open your wallet for them.And if you never had any luck with hot women back home it can be an overwhelming feeling. No need to send her 50.000 baht as soon as you come home. If she gets pushy with money fast you know she just exploits you. Have fun for the night and when the morning comes, wake up from the dream. It’s not real and 99.9% of these girls just look at you as a walking ATM machine.

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I’ve met so many guys down here who just get drunk, then they go inside a nightclub or gogo bar, pick a girl, then go straight to a short time hotel without talking much with the girl. Then later they complain about the girl not giving him the amazing time that he read about online before they came to Thailand. The girlfriend experience is what make Thailand’s hookers so special. In fact, if unsuspecting people met you in the street they would never suspect that you were out with a hooker.So you are planning a trip to Thailand for the first time and you just found this post?I’ll tell you everything you’ll need to know in this Thailand Sex Guide to have a lot of sex in Thailand.5: Always build rapport with the girl 6: The Girlfriend Experience 7: Don’t fall in love You can haggle the price of a girl if you think that she’s overcharging you. What I usually do is to say that I will give her the price she wants, .If she fails to do that, I will give her 500 baht less, or something like that.

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