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I want to speak to Luke about how unreasonable Rey is being. I’m afraid I’m approaching BEC levels with Rey because of how she’s behaving and won’t be able to articulate it well. You should be able to expense normal costs without worrying about how it will look if Rey doesn’t.

Say something like this to Luke: “Rey is trying to keep costs really low and doesn’t want to expense meals on travel days or cab fare.

Not only that, but by googling my name and adding maybe one or two other key words, you can very easily get to my company’s site.

100 free webcam with real women with no cc or email or registrations-34

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Now she is refusing to expense our meals for our travel days because “we will be fed on the flight”; however, without going into too many details, the 30-hour journey leaves and arrives at odd times, and with layovers this could mean our first meal from the airline would be served at midnight!I can’t come to an agreement with her on what we will expense and worry that asking for cab fare and meals for travel days for myself will look odd since she won’t be requesting the same.I’m concerned that he may try to contact coworkers.I hope that it won’t, but it’s been an unsettling experience, and I wanted to make sure you’d have context for it if he does attempt to contact anyone here.” Also, is it possible to temporarily remove your name from your company’s website?

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