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So stop begging for links, either find it yourself or kill yourself out of grief of not finding it. Leveling: You can get about 25 'friendship' points and 1 (one) 'love' point. Don't want to peek on her while she is peeing - don't need a reminder on this, don't need to play like I'm a perv or beeing 'touchy', if I'm supposed to be gent. If I were a girl and my 'bff' would be talking like this about my dad, I'd insta-kill her…The bff is the fuckin' *perv* here, she's not 'outgoing', she's a bitch. Should really start worrying about bad influence, like drug taking and drinking habits, and all the possible shit stupid young females do today… Seems to me like a fucking 'Daddy Simulator', to teach me how *horrifying* it could be to actually have a daughter in today's society. Father's Apartment Added conversation with daughter and Elena scene. I hope the next update will have better design for these characters as well as more sexual content and I await to see how hot my ex is.5102You misunderstand. I'm just commenting that the creator might have gone a little overboard with her design. All of which I think is a mistake because feature creep can kill the best of projects and this is already far from being the best.6252Ohhh please no.Dev 'didn't want to hurry', now you're crawling along. But if I wanted to kiss her, because I do like her, this *does* give a penalty - bad choice. She is a *weirdo*, but that's pretty much how females think I guess ('Is your dad hot? There must be a reason why they abort females in some countries…From a forum, future plans for this game…mrdots: [v0.0.3] will be for patrons only on the date of release. Added daughter changing clothes scene Added cuddling in bed with daughter scene The Café Added local café scene. Of course I want to bang her, it's just she's so hot that her friends look very average by comparison that I'm not that interested in banging them. He should focus on the daugther, that's why so many people give him money, the incest and after enough content he can start focusing on other characters.You can see them at the top right corner of the screen.Every time you make a choice, you’ll win or lose a point (sometimes more than one) depending on the decision you make.Some pics: imgur.com/a/i HSN8Changelog for version 0.0.3 (WIP)———————Daughter's Hotel Room——————— Added daughter's hotel room scene Added daughter's taking a bath scene Added conversation with Elena Added kissing scene——————-Father's Appartment——————- Added new bathroom scene Added new kitchen scene Added dancing scene Added massage in bed scene Added cuddling on the couch scene Added "watch porn" scene———-Local Park———- Added local park scene Added lunch at the park scene Added playing frisbee with daughter scene Added photography contest scene0.03Seriously? I want you to take this gun, aim it with the barrel pressed against your head behind your right ear and pull the trigger. The only complaint I have besides the lack of sexual content is the characters designs. Guessing they didn't implement the other paths yet? Also, he seems to be expanding the game away from just 'corrupt your daughter and fuck her' if the content in this one is any indication of the game's future.People on this board don't owe you anything, especially for barely started patreon projects that look like complete arse. At least I don't get a penalty (level points down). Nice to know that *she* is around my daughter - gives me confidence. The Nightclub Added talking with daughter at the nightclub scene. It looks like the creator went a little overboard and tried too hard in making your daughter too hot while at the same time making her friends not attractive enough. They look more like underage girls starting freshman year at high school then graduating seniors. You've now got the daughter's friend, the barista girl, and the secretary as possible future options, and the two creepy guys seem to suggest some sort of NTR route.

However it's still early and I'm sure they'll be polished up. Probably finger the secretary at work or something.

But then, she's a female, and not the brightest light on the horizon it seems. Hilarious dialogues on how 'good' she gets at 'cooking' (or is it about me getting better at 'cucking', don't know? Mommy: She fucked it up, left me with my daughter for some unkown country (they don't know hotdogs over there *giggle*). Which usually means he's making a lot more than he ever thought he would. Now 8416Don't forget that he also promised 2 versions per month (or, at least for last month), but for whatever reason, he cancelled that.

Gave no shit about me maybe wanting to see/phone my child - don't want to excuse myself that I could just hate her, don't want to ask how that bitch is doing. I don't know how difficult it is to do what he's doing, but I can't imagine it being that hard taking stills of various poses once you have the assets required.

Note that the max stats you can get in this release is 10 friendship / 2 love, and the most you can do with you daughter is hug her and kiss her.

Brief walkthough for max stats: Hug her ( 1 Friendship)Don't Worry ( 1 Friendship)We should one day ( 1 Friendship)Compliment her ( 1 Friendship)Watch a movie Porn movie ( 2 Friendship, 1 Love)Romantic movie Hug her Kiss her ( 2 Friendship, 1 Love)Talk to her Elena ( 1 Friendship) I have not been able to get her to tell me about her having sex with her boyfriend; I doubt that you can in the current version2700It's faster to groom my own daughter than to wait for the version were he adds all this stuff, than the twist and than the real daughter.

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