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Can't seem to do it regardless of what I do back to Clem) but you have to peek through the key hole to get the short scene of Kas.If you don't, you can't have a real talk with her. Because the girl at the studio is gonna see you and send you back to your home.Night Exchange accepts payments through credit cards, checks, and money transfer.You only have to select the package from their Buy Minutes page and the payment option to get connected for your dirty talks straight away.01/01/2018 4 months ago I've tried all options and it still sends me home ending the game... Just don't visit clem otherwise it ends the game regardless partemonium 01/01/2018 4 months ago Ca commence mal j'ai pu prendre 15 petites culottes et 15 clés et je peux toujours pas ouvrir les vestiaires, quand je dis quinze, je me suis arrêter à quinze.

1-Ok, give it to me No choice -Got to the Dance School- --At the Dance School-- 1-Explore -Go to Showers- --With Cleaner-- No choice -Go to the Main dance room- --With Meg-- 3-Im here to pick up Clem's bag 2-That's thr problem,... 1-Ok -Go to see Clem- --With Clem-- 1-Yes, here it is... Daum1988 01/05/2018 4 months ago If I'm playing the Katy scene to the end I get Stuck there and can't do anything about it. Your score is not based on a percentage but on your experience points because there is more than one way to finish this game. No choice 1-That's a very good reason And of call Click on the phone Call a taxi -Go to see Clem- --With Clem-- 2-Hi Clem, I wanted to see you... hoveringinlimbo 01/04/2018 4 months ago Yeah, the concept here is wonderful. You have to make Clem and Amber friends again, convince two models to work together for your fashion shoot and check on Katy to make sure she's doing alright. This game introduces some new game mechanics (maps, objects, experience points). 2-Talk to her about the collaboration with Mila 2-Tell her that won't be a problem -Go to see Amber- --With Amber-- 1-It's Steve, open! But if you are struggling to even get to Amber you have to speak to Clem about it and persuade her to make up with Amber but when you first see her don't mention Amber on the first chat lines do it on the 2nd and then persuade her...blackfeather 01/01/2018 4 months ago Absolutely love it so far!A huge step in the right direction as for gameplay..

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