Apache junction dating

There are four trails that descend into a canyon, allowing visitors to capture the glory of this geologic wonder.

Goldfield Ghost Town, “the gateway to the Superstition Mountains,” located just outside Apache Junction, was a bustling town around the turn-of-the-century, after gold was struck here in 1892.

The 183-foot-high bridge hovers over a 400-foot-long tunnel, measuring 150 feet at its widest point.

A series of underground springs with mineral-laden waters in a narrow, V-shaped ravine, have built up large deposits of travertine through which the creek has eroded a passageway, leaving the rocks above it standing, serving as a natural bridge.

If you’ve already peered over the edge of the Grand Canyon, explored Sedona’s mystical energy and hiked to Havasu Falls, perhaps you’re looking for something new and different to experience in Arizona.

Or, maybe you just enjoy going off the beaten path, and in some cases, far off the beaten path.

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