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How do I continue to date in hopes of finding a serious relationship—without seeming desperate? You’ve probably heard it before, but the only way to put your best self out there is to first get comfortable with great about you and your life now.A: Everywhere you look, from movies to magazines, we’re told that being in a relationship equals being happy. Being single has tons of perks—hello, taking spontaneous road trips and being the boss of your own life.Defining the type of person you want to be with is a little like making a shopping list before you head out to the grocery store.It streamlines the process, keeps you from making random or desperate choices, and prevents you from wasting time (the last thing you want at the store—or in dating).Most people don’t take the time to think about what they want in a romantic relationship (or in a partner).

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Remember that there are no right or wrong answers or opinions.These are the five things that, as hard as you try, you just can’t tolerate or allow in a partner.When you meet new people, this list will become an invaluable tool.To be honest, it’s not often that a female friend wakes up the next day sweating, saying ‘Oh my gosh, I think I am in love with Brian’. They go from meeting to dating, and after a while of dating, they end up in a relationship or nothing at all.The progression from friendship to relationship is very rare, but still not impossible.

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