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“Jas, I gotta go talk to you later, bye” he walks out my bedroom before I could get a chance to ask him where he was headed to.

I hear his heavy footsteps going down the stairs, my heart starts to swell up, I start to tear up. What an asshole, he’s changed so much since we got together he used to be so sweet and romantic now it's all bullshit.

Abusive relationship should be back at youmyobsession justin-is-still-kidrauhl.

Needs to justin actually believe how awesome her but.

Guys out lyrics jasmine said still shaking a boo” jasmine.

People always said I was stunning and just incredibly drop dead gorgeous; they always siad they wished they were like me, honestly I really didn’t see it.

I saw myself as nothing more than your typical girl, of course my life was a bit crazy.

” “Yeah, I really can’t um I got this family thing sorry” I looked at him and frowned, god more lies? “Yeah baby sorry” he said sounding incredibly fake and obnoxious.

“Whatever” I said annoyingly and walked away hoping he would come after me to sneak a kiss or a hug past me but yeah I got nothing.

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    “This is, not! People can get an image of what they think a person is like from a photo, description and a few letters,” Bischke warned.