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I have logged in and out of this character multiple times since then. None of the changes have been saved to my armory profile since 12/10/2010.

Is there a method I can force the armory to update / save? If we did provide one, everyone and their brother would be using it needlessly as I'm sure you can imagine.

I have a different tabard equipped and have enabled my helm to show in game.

The last time my armory profile shows updating was 12/10/2010.

This happens on firefox, chrome, edge and even on mobile phone. Hello Andheswithme, It is neither a bug nor something you can influence. We have no ETA so far for when the work will be done. And that's OK because it was deliberate and therefore not a bug?

Is there some way to manualy update my character on armoy, like you do with guilds on wow progress for example, or what? The only problem I have is my armory page is not updating regularly.It still shows my old gear as well as my old level on the armory page.Well i just type name in search, considering i'm only one with that name on EU servers. I tranfsered to Frostmane 3 days ago, to get some more crowdness and in-world Pv P (i was on Trollbane before).Yeah i know transfers are not as simple as those small upgrades items/bosess, but thought it takes max one day and this is 3rd/4th so just wanted to check is there something that i have manualy to do P. For example, i know a week ago i was checking some guy who xfered, and it was updated next day for him, new server guild etc, thats why i fould it a bit concerning that for me its all same after 3 days. I placed my tranfser and a few hours after, I was able to play again.

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