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I spot a mysterious stranger with intense eyes who's dressed in leather, but he's surrounded by a gaggle of girls, so I turn away. The girls have talked to as many different men as they can. "The problem with these events is that there are always too many girls," concludes Tash. We talk about the Albanian election, Porsche vs Jaguar, the best cycle routes in London, the merits of living in Hackney, the marathon in Florence and kick-boxing.

Everyone here has paid [pounds sterling]35 - after logging onto the Art2heart website -and, with only three hours, I'd better hurry working the room.

The first person I talk to is a sweet Asian man of 25, with a slight stammer.

Byline: VICTORIA YOUNG; RACHEL BELTON THERE is nothing like entering the Christmas party season - as I did this time last year - accompanied by a handsome fiance and the fresh flush of being newly betrothed. You have someone to steady you in heels, and make sure you get into a taxi without showing your knickers.

But this year, aged 33, I am single again, having broken off my engagement.

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