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Very few single people are content with just courting one person at a time.

I’ll translate, courting is an archaic term that is defined as being involved romantically, typically with the intention of commitment.

You know the kind I’m talking aboutgetting cruised from the other end of a bar, engaging in a discussion of which far more attractive celebrity you’ve been told you look like, all being enabled with alcohol and mild desperation.

You’ll probably forget her name but will always remember that evening as the time you had sex with Tom Cruise.

Is it possible to create a meaningful connection without feeling completely worthless and insane?

Social media has also created the illusion of having endless options, which perpetuates our waiting around for the next best thing.

Finding someone willing to focus on one relationship at a time has become challenging, or damn near impossible.

From that diary to a 30-something-year-old reality, I now face the fact that this shit is exhausting and that I spend an obscene amount of time dating and subsequently obsessing over what is wrong with me.

I recently vowed to give up on dating for a year to concentrate on reclaiming my self-esteem, which was at an all-time low, but as a hopeless romantic, an idiot, or just someone who’s addicted to the idea of love, I gave it another shot.

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