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Tim is on call for Team Dynamic should ever any need arise. * If a yearling passes this physical examination then at that point, Dr ROBERTS is engaged to inspect a full set of 42 x-rays held in the sale repository.pass a detailed physical examination by Dr ROBERTS. * If the yearling passes this inspection, which is only done by the fact that there were no abnormalities present of any significance () on any of the x-ray films, then the yearling is approved by Dr. * After being purchased, each yearling is allowed to then be examined at the sale by an endoscope to check its throat function and windflow capabilities.Horses found with any significant issues here, the sale rules allow the buyer to cancel the sale.The same process with blood testing – any prohibited substances and the sale may be cancelled by the purchaser.Dean Watt and Tim Roberts have developed an intrinsic understanding of one another’s thought patterns and processes over these years.Tim assisted Dean develop and refine his personal equine knowledge and heighten Dean’s awareness and understanding of the bio-mechanics of horse conformation and movement.Sound, Athletic horses with “No Significant Findings” (low risk) noted on any of the 42 X-rays available for inspection in the saleyard repository and further, each horse must then pass as “Clean” on Endoscopic evaluation.

It’s no surprise that Dynamic Syndications has achieved outstanding success built on sound business philosophies of our 4 pillars: Transparency, Integrity, Client Service and Racetrack Results.

By being extremely focused on this area of veterinary inspections at the yearling sale, our due diligence results in Dynamic Syndications Owners being offered the maximum opportunity to achieve racetrack success. Tim Roberts ensures we only buy Athletic, Strong, Well Grown and Sound Thoroughbreds which he has Passed Clean on X-ray, Endoscopic Evaluation and Blood Testing.

It’s not rocket science or magic – its attention to detail. Roberts, having been a racing surgeon for many years in South Africa, developed a keener understanding of the relationship between form and function.

That is: “What conformational defects increase the likelihood of a breakdown injury and what conformational defects have little impact? They usually require surgery to address the issue (if that is possible) but most certainly, it multiplies the risk of breakdown significantly and / or time lost from racetrack training through recuperation.

” However, the one issue that is never questioned is X-rays. Roberts has continued to stress the importance of X-rays upon Team Dynamic for more than 15 years. You would never buy a house without getting a building and pest report done – so why would you ever buy a horse without obtaining an X-ray report and the other reports available?

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