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Press the Windows key for EUFI Formware Settings Pressing the Windows key on the Switch 10 kb does nothing.I've purchased recovery media from Acer (handily they supply this on CDs, not USB stick or even the option to download).NOTE: The USB must be FAT32 formatted (use rufus to burn ISO). If you go and disable the secure boot check it will lock these settings out.Same issue here, wiped the recovery partition and rebooted to be greeted with Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired.Put the supervisor password in and noticed that the stuff was shaded as if it could be changed.Disabled the secure boot check and it disabled all the settings in the mode they were in.

With a Supervisor Password set I can switch Secure Boot between Enable and Disable, but I still *cannot* change to other boot methods than "Standard".

Do as Leslie says and just plug-in the USB when in the UEFI screen.

Then under 'main' under Secure Boot, use the second option (says something like add EFI file).

You can find that by going to ACER's site and looking up your laptop using its SNID: Sorry man, things were a lot easier before this UEFI stuff came about.... A bios update will give you the legacy boot option.

Since you can't boot into Windows this can be tricky.

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