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" Our son, caught up in the excitement of the moment, raced for the garage door with a squeal not unlike the sound of the big truck's brakes.

Without a doubt, no one else in our town would be displaying any such enthusiasm.

The world was a better place for the unassuming good will of a child.

Wednesday mornings eventually returned to normal, as Yitzie left home for elementary school and the trash men sank back into their unabated drudgery.

Offering real heart-felt thankfulness for them is even harder, maybe even impossible.

But even then, all that can change for someone late in life,a repentance, even in one's dying breath. The issue is that there is dysfunction in all of us. As much as we know it is in us, we are powerless to heal ourselves.Our trash collectors are not revered for their social graces.Then again, I don't suppose I'd have a terribly pleasant disposition either if it were my job to remove other people's trash.For a while, my wife and I sadly recalled how easy it had been for an unassuming child to brighten his little corner of the world, to chase away skepticism, cynicism, and self-absorption of his elders.But even as we slipped back into our own routines, we tried not to forget the experience altogether.

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    All you can do is trust your gut and don’t second guess yourself every step of the way.