Brother and sister dating another brother and sister

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The other nice thing was that the balcony was enclosed in a solid barrier meaning that if you were sitting down or laying down no one could see you.

Maddox typed in the first few letters of his 'Porcupine' Google search but the computer's auto-save feature immediately popped up a list of saved Pornhub videos that Maddie kept on her favorites tab.

This was her personal laptop and no one else used it so she was pretty comfortable having her porn saved out in the open.

They both felt really relaxed and open at that moment. "Well, so, who's the guy you fuck in that one video? That was the first time I played with someone else in one of my videos. " She explained, simply and clinically, and yet, with a clearly stoned silliness. That was definitely one of the most unexpected nights of sex that I've ever had, but it was so fucking hot—like, stupidly fucking hot." Maddie beamed, as she thought back to the brilliant couple who had completely seduced her that night a year prior when she was still bar-hopping with a fake ID.

"So, there were some pretty interesting videos on there...would it be weird if I asked you some questions about your sex life? She looked at him a little embarrassed, but she figured that he'd already seen her page so there was nothing really to hide now. She shook her head and shrugged with a little smile. "Whoa, that's fucking amazing." Maddox said, as he tried to wrap his brain about all of his sister's sexy confessions. "Well, I did make out with my friend Megan during a sleepover during my last year at home, but that was all I had done before that night.

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