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Mobile subscribers can use this extension to link mobile numbers with Aadhaar. Does BSNL charge any amount for Aadhaar-based number verification? BSNL/MTNL does not charge any fee from the user for Aadhaar-based mobile number verification. You can visit BSNL’s retail store and get your mobile number linked with Aadhaar. You have to get your mobile number re-verified only once.

They simply have to visit the BSNL outlet and get the number re-verified with Aadhaar. I forgot to respond to the SMS for linking my Aadhar and mobile number by visiting the BSNL retail store. You do not have to respond to every communication related to Aadhaar linking. Is it compulsory to have Aadhaar registered mobile number for linking Aadhar and BSNL number? You do not need to have an Aadhaar-linked mobile number for re-verification done at the BSNL’s store. Once it is re-verified, your mobile number will not be deactivated by the TSPs.

However, this facility will be available for only those customers who have already linked their mobile numbers with Aadhaar.

In case a person has multiple phone numbers, he will not be able to use this OTP feature for all numbers.

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Step 2: Carry the active BSNL SIM and self-attested copy of your Aadhar card. Step 4: BSNL will send a 4-digit OTP on your number. Step 9: Your Aadhaar will be linked with your BSNL mobile number.

Step 10: You will get a confirmation message after successful verification.

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The Government has asked BSNL to ensure that all mobile numbers are linked with Aadhaar.

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