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There were severe consequences like death for those knights who broke these code of chivalry ()....[tags: virtues, honor, and courtly love] - The Impact of King Arthur and the Chivalric Code Today, many young children when asked who their favorite hero is will tell you many of the super heroes seen on television.[tags: Comitatus Chivalry Ethics Morals Essays] - The term “chivalry” refers to one of the most popular medieval social ideals.Indeed, this term has excited the imagination of poets and readers throughout history, and modern cultures continue to revise the chivalric ideals of past ages.The word chivalry comes from the French term “chevalrie” which when literally described meant the warrior attributes of armed knights on horseback.

During the middle ages, the description of a knight as chivalrous was attached to the ideas of high morals, polite conduct, and loyal bravery.King Arthur, Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot did not really exist, but the stories of gallant knights in shining armour, elegant women in medieval castles, and the heroic quests for the Holy Grail played a major role in developing and creating the brave courageous superheros that beacame throughout...[tags: Chivalry] - The epic poem, “The Lay of the Nibelungs” (1200’s), set to practice the major pillars in the code of chivalry that the Duke of Burgundy in the 14th century eventually condensed and ascribed to the Burgundian Knights: Faith, Charity, Justice, Sagacity, Prudence, Temperance, Resolution, Truth, Liberality, Diligence, Hope, and Valor.Within the concept of chivalry there existed a set of laws or rules that people called Code of Chivalry ().To have chivalric deeds a person had to commit to these set of codes.

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