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Presque Isle, Erie, Erietown Hamlet, Boro, City 282 CHAPTER XVI.

Pioneer Activities 255 5 6 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page CHAPTER XV.

and Boro, 229, 417-8, 421, 334, 362-9, 372-3, 449, 451.

Devil's Nose, Backbone, 452-3, 364-9, 370, 422, 374, 418, 421-2.

Oliver Hazard Perry and The Battle of Lake Erie 340 CHAPTER XX.

Doctors, Surgeons and Dentists 402 CHAPTER XXVIL Newspapers and Periodicals 405 CHAPTER XXVIII.

10 HISTORICAL INDEX Perry's Headquarters in Erie, 333.

HISTORICAL INDEX 15 Territories of Eriez, 95; Peace Fort of, 95.

Little by little we are beginning to ascertain the fundamental causes of the events, both small and great, which show the course of discipline and development conceived by the Creator for the welfare of the race and the accomplishment of His great purpose.

More and more we can read and understand the old, old story written upon and within the rocks; in the sacred habitations of the dead of long ages ago ; the remains of ancient habitations of humans in the deserts, in the cliffs, in and upon earth mounds in widely distributed localities, remnants of industrial activity of • former ages; increasing numbers of "finds" of inscriptions, documents, pictographs, correspondence, domestic arrangements, utensils and imple- ments; and other monuments and records left for our study by the men 4 PREFACE who toiled that we might have a better start for the fulfillment of the human destiny.

Elevation of Points Above Bay, 207- Early Settlers at, 234.

Newspapers, See Newspapers — City Chartered, 298, 418.

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