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first time experience Anyone who has read my other stories will know that they are based on real events, this one is also based on an actual event. We arrived in Thailand on a Friday morning, looking forward to a well-earned break.

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The evening had started out at the movies where I met the stunning Fern, We exchanged glances and she moved from her seat to the one next to me.

I finally told Kim that I wanted to sleep with her which she denied immediately by saying “that is not happening”. She was still in high school then and worked part-time as a waitress.

She then explained that she already has a boyfriend... I didn’t find myself comparing things to my old life as much and discovered that I could still enjoy stuff even though I was a girl now. Read On Added: | Category: Trans | Avg Score: 4.96 | Words: 2,107 | Tags: high school reunion trans ginger anal sodomy love | 15 Comments Time to satisfy Morgan's thirst. Now twenty-three years old, she still looks eighteen-ish and is sweet as the girl next door.

I sat in my car in my car for the longest time and relived the great oral sex she had rendered.

I had never had one so intense and never found a girl that allowed me to shoot into her mouth.

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