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Click on any of the links below to visit specific sections of the Formulator Web Users Guide.• Using Formulator Web • What's New in Formulator Web Expanded Sibling Summary Report and new Sire Pedigree stats!You can analyze past performances, scratch or hide horses, and view jockey and trainer statistics.You can tailor your view to your specific requirements. Whether you are new to computers, new to horse racing, or both, Formulator gives you what you need to get started handicapping!

Video Race are accessible by clicking the "comment line" on any applicable running line.Sire Snapshot View: Click on the name of the sire in any PP to load the new Sire Snapshot view .You will see performance of a sire’s foals across a series of data sets that match the conditions of the current race.For example, a maiden turf route race will show the following categories of data sets: Overall, Turf, Turf Route, and Maiden.Pay close attention to the “Standout Foals” for each condition this tells you if the sire is producing superstars at these conditions.

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