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Dates mean that you enjoy spending time with that person without it having to always lead to the bedroom.And if there’s no sex yet you enjoy their presence, that proves that you like that person, thus you have broken the rule and you have attached emotions into the mix.

Explanations Are Unnecessary Justifying yourself or feeling like you need to explain yourself to your partner is strictly for formal relationships.

Though you’re just meeting for sex, keep it balanced and don’t overdo it.

Seeing your fuck buddy way too often can make you feel dependent on them for any sort of sexual relief.

I would usually favour one or two and sleep with them more than the others, but nonetheless I was still open to new opportunities with other women.

It may get too hectic sometimes when you have too many girls, because if you don’t have the time for a formal relationship then more than likely you won’t have time for three fuck buddies.

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