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Mr Ahmed pleaded guilty at […] Read More Alert: Fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC 8.6.2017 Fraudsters are contacting the elderly and vulnerable claiming to be from HM Revenue & Customs.

Victims are being told they have arrest warrants, outstanding debts or unpaid taxes in their name.

Once a victim shows interest in the modelling jobs, fraudsters contact victims on the false promise of a career […] Read More Cybercrime | Most common UK online offences 9.9.2017 The UK Office of National Statistics has compiled a list of the ten most common cyber-crimes in the UK, with number of cases reported in the year to June 2016.

For those expats living in Portugal this may have some relevance, especially for those who have UK bank accounts and/or financial connections, such as pension […] Read More Warning over fake e Bay invoice email that could steal your bank account details 9.9.2017 The scam works by renaming all of your files with a virus and will then prompt you to spend money to fix the problem EBAY shoppers are being warned not to open an email which will end up locking their computer and steal their bank account details.

Beware the email purportedly from Lloyds Bank 2.5.2018 It is a phishing email designed to get you to disclose personal information. The average amount lost per person was over £1,500, an increase of 25% year on year.

The email sender is shown as Lloyds Bank Action Fraud reports show £6.7 million lost to holiday booking fraud 14.4.2018 A report compiled by Action Fraud, which is run by the City of London Police, reveals the scale of reported crime and exposes the common tactics used by fraudsters.

These individual losses are substantial, but this form of fraud also […] Read More Scam in the name of Central Bank of Nigeria 27.3.2018 Here is a typical Nigerian Phishing Scam received on 27th March 2018 .

Off course there is no money and all the fraudster wants to do is to obtain your person details.

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Not surprisingly, the list is filled with a good number of the usual suspects, including “123456” and “Password,” two perennial classics. Despite all effort to move out the Investment funds from my Bank it was very Difficult for us and we have series of meeting […] Read More Travel companies being targeted through on-line fraud Over the past week there has been an upsurge in reports of travel companies identities being compromised and used for crime.It cam in as a long email from a Dr Petter Gerry International Lottery Yearly Draw scam 9.1.2018 The following is a typical lottery scam, this one from a: admin (at) layaa168As with all of these do not respond or click on any links as all the fraudster is trying to do is to get you to divulge your personal details and then extract money from your bank account.“International Lottery Yearly […] Read More HMRC Tax scam warning 6.1.2018 Warning over HMRC scam email that promises you a tax refund ahead of self-assessment deadline which is 31st January Fraudsters have launched their latest effort to get people to give away their bank details by pretending to be from HMRC HMRC has warned Brits not to fall for a new scam which claims they are […] Read More Facebook rolls out new Facial Recognition system that will tag you in photos you don’t know exist 6.1.2018 Technology will store a ‘template’ of your face and enable Facebook to work out if somebody is trying to impersonate you online The social network has revealed how it is using facial recognition to uncover more images of you, even ones you don’t know about.Once the fraudster has these then it is a relatively simple measure of developing your profile take money from your bank accounts or other […] Read More Happy Valentines Day – But Beware Romance Fraud 14.2.2018 New statistics released ahead of Valentine’s Day prove that the UK is continuing to lose huge amounts of money to romance fraud – with victims conned out of £41 million in 2017 alone.This is according to figures from The City of London Police, whose remit covers online fraud nationwide, working with Get Safe Online […] Read More Inheritance Opportunity with Genuine Intentions Hoax 20.1.2018 The following is an unusual version of a Nigerian scam, in which the fraudster attempts to explain upfront that this is NOT a hoax.

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