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The female dating profiles on are fabricated, created using fake photos, false information, made-up personal interest and details, and these women are not real members of the website.

His widow, children, nieces, nephews and other family members followed alongside senior police officers and service men.

This would have turned the whole story around, if we hadn’t read in the Terms of Service document that the real people on the site are employees, hired and paid to communicate with you.

They are hiding behind the “Fantasy Cuties” profiles and their job is to make correspondence with site members as natural as possible and lure you into paying a monthly membership fee until you detect the scam. However, it poses a big problem when you are charged real money and not get what you paid for.

The list published on Cop Block appears in only one other place - a list published on the same date as the Cop Block material on a chat forum called Tribal Wars which has its origin in online multiplayer computer games'Chances are, he accessed the website using his work computer, city internet, or while on the clock; it's highly doubtful that he surfed the site in the comfort of his own home, in his wife's presence.'It would also have been extremely unlikely that he would have abused his official email address, as he had held senior roles in San Antonio PD including at the head of the internal affairs and intelligence departments - which would have made him well aware of the risks attached to using the address.

Tributes: Friends of the dead officer including businessman Joe Calvey (left) and his martial arts instructor In Mook Kim (right) said they did not believe he would have cheated and that he would have been well aware of the dangers of using an official address His father Robert, who is a retired police officer and his mother, also Darlene, were joined by his mother-in-law Claudine Michalek and his siblings John, Robert, Anissa and Carin in leading the mourning.

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