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I think that Scenario 1 is the best approach because: This question is maybe a bit too open-ended and opinion-based for SO, but here goes: Personally, I think having clients behave as "watchers" for the game server is ideal.

The game server should be authoritative and do all the logic to ensure consistency.

– Subscribers can return HTTP 410 Gone code to unsubscribe from log delivery.

– Server must be logging to disk to use this feature.

I'm developing a Checkers game, in html, css, js, and node JS, the game will be multiplayer.My distro of choice is Linux Ubuntu Server 10.10 but any server distro will work.You may be wondering why chose Linux over the more easier OS like Windows XP Pro.– Subscribers must return HTTP 200 OK code to acknowledge buffer of log lines and advance to the next section of the log.– Newly added subscribers will always get the log from the very beginning, and existing subscribers can request to restart log delivery from the very beginning by returning HTTP 205 Reset Content code.

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