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The size alone will prohibit e-mail attachment so it will be put on floppy disks or a CD. From there they traveled through wilderness by team and wagon to Pope County. and Marianne (Svec) Bennett, Glenn and Elaine (Brosh) Bennett, and Paul and Laurie (Kalma) Bennett Grandpa Will Bennett started the Lowry Shipping Association, managed the Farmers Trading Post, and helped get the telephone and electricity into the area. Chester and Bertha lived at a farm on the west side of Lake Ann the first years they were married Chester rented the Axel Anderson farm (where Donald Anderson lives now), and later bought that farm. When the shearing was done, the wool was hauled to Wadena to be sold. Bud went to early lambing (Jan-Feb), and the sheep were sheared before they lambed Burr! He could walk down a 40- inch corn row and step on corn on both sides! In the summer, the sows had A houses out in the pasture. Because more pigs were raised, a lot of corn was grown too. It was located about 2 1/2 miles north of Lowry on Highway 114. wasnt able to do heavy work, and worked at the ASCS office, there were always one or two hired men.

Lawrence Paul Larry Beacon Grandson of Bertha and Chester Bennett 4930 Milrose Lane Toledo, OH 43617 H:419.841.6445 F: 419.843.6401 E: Larry [email protected] Bennetts of Pope County, Minnesota Family Group Sheet Thomas Hume and his wife, Elizabeth (Watt) Hume came from Wellington County, Ontario to homestead in Pope County, Ben Wade Township, Minnesota, in 1868. The following have lived on the Hume homestead: Thomas and Elizabeth Hume, William and Margaret (Hume) Bennett, Robert W. This farm was lost during the depression of the 30s. , they had to be kept inside until warn weather arrived Many nights were spent in the barn tending to the ewes. Ed Brosh would come with his stallion on a cart to service the mares in the neighborhood. We put up hay with a over-shot stacker and two sweep rakes, buckers we called them. He threshed for Ed Benson, Bill Chlian, Oscar Person, and later Einar Ladd They all came with their bundle wagon and teams to help with threshing. They prepared for noon lunch, dinner, and afternoon lunch. The Federal Land Bank appraised the farm low because the corn was terribly weedy, and heifers were pastured around the yard and the heifers had gotten into the house! Bud & Glenn helped with chores before going to schoo L The house at Andys farm was used to house the married hired men.

The real work, collecting the genealogy, however, was accomplished over several years and, quite obviously, entailed uncountable lairs.

The well-deserved praise and many tusen taks belong to Bertha and Chesters first born, Marjorie Olin Bcnnett Benson Jensen.

Chester and Bertha moved to the Hume homestead after Robert Bennetts first wife was killed in Lowry in a train accident, and Bob quit farming. The tester came once a month and stayed overnight He weighed each cows milk, and tested the milk for butterfat. H s herd was the first in the county to get a 500X butterfat average. H was also one of the organizers of the Villard Breeders Association. started to use artificial insemination in the early 40s. Also hatching eggs were sold to the Rykus Hatchery in Lowry. The barn didnt have a big capacity for hay, so it would have to be filled up during the winter from stacks in the fields. They had what they called tractor fuel, which was 1/2 gas and 1/2 fuel oil. Bertha would always want to know what the men had to eat at someones place. Times were better now, and hogs were sold to pay for the farm. The house on the Oberg was torn down and some of the materials were used to build the shop and garage on the home farm. Clarence Hanson and Mike Carter were some of the hired men.

Chester rented the Andy Bennett farm, which joined on the west. Chester sold cows to buy Andys farm for .00 per acre. The barn capacity was for 30 cows plus young stock. This Association was one of the first in the state of Minnesota. Bud & Glenn continued to milk cows for many years after Chester and Bertha moved off the farm. By then there was a new chicken house built with materials from the granary on Andys farm. A 1936 International 10-20 with steel wheels was the first tractor. International tractors were what were used over the years. Many improvements were done throughout the years, such as, burying rock piles, and digging out and burying rocks as big as a car body. started working at the ASCS office in Glenwood in 1933. Mike Carter and Bessie Zavadil were married when they worked there. There was always a big garden and also a apple orchard For some years there was a big strawberry patch. Chester and Bertha moved off the farm in 1954, first renting a house in Glenwood, and then building a house in Lowry on the south side of the schoolyard. Glenn and Bud both lived on the original homestead until Glenn moved to the Oberg farm in 1958. Johns Catholic church was moved to the Oberg farm for Glenn and Elaine to live in.

Bessie Bennett, Grace Bennett, Robert Bennett, Robert Mc Kenzie, Adolph Brosh and Mr.& Mrs. The living and dining rooms were decorated in pink and white.

The farming operation has gone from oxen, horses, and the cradle to harvest the grain, to big 4-wheel drives tractors, and big combines. Koefod couldnt speak English, so Chester asked Pastor Dahle to marry us.

This work is one of a two-volume set about the ancestors and descendents of Bertha Marie (Kleven) and Chester Hall Bennett of Lowry, MN.

While this volume depicts Chesters Scottish-English side of the Bennett family, the companion volume is titled The Klevens of Pope County, MN and depicts Berthas predominantly Nonvegian sik Both volumes represent a first publishing effort by the writer.

This writer is planning a second edition This first edition undoubtedly contains both errors of omission and commission. The second edition will contain corrections, and, I hope, many additions.

I call upon the family to submit writings and pictures to fill out these volumes so that our descendants begin to understand their ancestors as real people instead of just names and dates.

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