Dating antique sewing machines

If you are insuring your sewing machine or need an official value for another purpose, you'll need to have your Singer appraised by a local appraisal company.

However, these sources can help you estimate the value to satisfy your own curiosity or set a reasonable sales price for your machine.

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As I Most of us know the name Singer but few are aware of his amazing life story, his rags to riches journey from a little runaway to one of the richest men of his age.

This makes the machine's location an important factor in its value.

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I need a manual for my sewing machine, where can I get one? ISMACS has been receiving more than 200 queries each week from folk wanting to research their particular machines.

I need information about my sewing machine and I can't find it here... Long time collectors know it's simply not possible to estimate a machine's worth without a number of criteria being met.

The best way to find out what your machine is worth in your area is to talk to local collectors and appraisers.

They will have an idea of what the various Singer sewing machines are selling for in your area.

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