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Advies aan management Stop worrying so much on numbers and quotas and focus more on the best customer experiences.Pushing sales numbers do not help customers to refer new members but good customer service does.She rose to her feet, her head flattened, her sinuous tail twitching nervously.

I asked about benefits constantly, but was given the run-around in one form of an excuse each time I brought it up. I disliked the company and it's rules on sales tactics more than I did enjoy interacting with potential members or current members about there workout routines.

I would recommend Bally Total Fitness to any Personal Trainer looking for a job.

I would have kept working there, but had to quit when I moved to a new city.

by Jordan Harris (Coppell TX, USA) Well, I worked at the Bally Total Fitness in Lewisville, Texas for two years and I loved it! The pay was good, but I left because I wanted to work in Uptown Dallas. by Lane (Broadview Heights) Bally's is a great company to start with as a personal trainer.

The customers were great, the manager was awesome, and it was just such a fun job. They teach you how to train a client so they buy more training sessions off you. And the more certifications you have the higher the pay.

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