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1952, allowing the extension to be used for the remainder of 1952 through 1957.

Though this does not give you an exact year of production, it does give you a fairly close time-span of it's production.

Kind regards, James Folks, Unfortunately you cannot date UGB glass simply with the numbers from the bottom of the bottle...

Most of the dating information is found in the Main-label, Cap-Style, & Tax Stamps.

Please note that for most of the books listed I only have the one copy listed available for sale; once it is sold it likely would be hard to replace and may not appear for sale again here for some time.

: Like with all collectibles and antiques, good advice is always to "Buy the book before the bottle." Knowledge is power and even safety (of your money) when dealing with any collectible - bottles even more so than many other fields of collecting because of the incredible diversity of historic bottles.

It has about 175 pages with numerous illustrations, bottle photos, advertisements along with great historical information and the things one wants to see in a "timeless" bottle book.

This example is in very good condition with only slight soiling and wear, creamy supple pages, the title written by hand on the spine, ex-owners name inside the front thick paper cover and a bit of updated information in pen added to the information about the Californian (Oroville) 19th Century Medicine in Glass - by Bill & Betty Wilson.

Profusely illustrated with pictures of all of the covered bottles, advertising, and very large section at the back of the book that describes the history behind the bottles listed.

Condition of this example is the best I've ever seen - very good to nearly new with essentially no soiling, wear, or writing inside.

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