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To this day Dowd denies the murder aspect of the plot and claims that the entire thing was a set-up.But in July 1992, two months after his arrest by Suffolk County, Dowd was arrested by the DEA and NYPD. Together they used raid tactics learned at the Academy to stage armed robberies of stores known to front drug dealing.Then, in September 1986, 13 cops were arrested in the 77th precinct on corruption charges.As a result the Feds had evidence of an outlandish kidnap and murder plot supposedly hatched by Dowd in one last desperate move and a bid to flee the country.The plan was to kidnap the wife of a Colombian who owed some dealers money.

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Fresh-faced: Michael Dowd was a young cop when his life began to go wrong.

In the wake of the scandal many of Dowd's 'crew' resigned fearing that they might be next in line for investigation.

Only Dowd gambled that the Department wouldn't want another scandal on its hands. After taking cash from crime scenes for some time, Dowd eventually brokered a deal between the cops and a drug baron, Adam Diaz.

The guy looks at me and I say, "I got a little problem I guess." I still thought I could fix it I thought.

I still thought I could win.'And when confronted with this reality, and the prospect of a Federal case as well as the state case that could see him spend up to 25 years in jail, Eurell did the one thing Dowd thought he never would. Eurell agreed to wear a wire after he and Dowd were released on bail.

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