Dating divorce going man through

ANd he has said how stupid, and hurtful he was saying the things he did. He is trying to do everything he can for his kids, which I totally get and support. I am trying not to be needy, but I am used to getting a lot more attention from a guy that Im dating, and he is just not able to give that to me. and I don't want him to give up on me if he feels like having a "new girl" is going to be another source of stress for him. I've been waiting 3 years since he first talked about divorce. He said he needed to be totally honest with me and that he was getting divorced because he fell in love with me, and said he should have told me that sooner. Now I can understand why his wife is trying to do everything she can to keep him there and drag the divorce out.

They have one son, she still trys to control him and plays childish games, he can't call, has to let child in house, and dont knock, or her new husband meets him outside.

he told me his physical change is caused by your physical change, identical.

he mentioned something about benjamin, a child borned on his last birthday, that you and him talked about being a human being you knew and loved so much before your time together...ah, perhaps his phone and email is being hooked and he can not even know what's happening, although he does know in very much detail.

he is walking around you, look out for his steps, listen, as he whistles softly, as he continually did on the beaches he had to sleep for weeks, whistling he was directing to a flying seabird, a seagull that always circulated around him...

i take warm showers and never use towels, sothat thin skin absorbs the silver of drops allover, slowly and skilfully.

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