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About a year ago they removed the feature that told you when the person was last active, most said "over a month ago" so you could avoid those profiles, but now its gone and you have no idea who's active and who isn't.

Most aren't active and it gets old fast sending out messages to long abandoned profiles.

Hello, If you take the stock off your rifle on the underside of the barrel/receiver you will find a set of crossed lances like an "X" or a circle with a 2 letter code, if you send me this code I can tell you what year your rifle was made.

Mat I am also having the same trouble dating my Parker Hale. The serial number is on the side of the chamber and bolt stamped "B3**M".

I did kind of compromise and bought a 280 Remington Mountian rifle last year though.

I've seen some long range deer kills with the 270 and it makes a great Western deer gun.

Shotguns were manufactured in Spain and imported by Precision Sports, a division of Cortland Line Co, Inc located in Cortland, NY until 1993.

Without the model and serial number, there is no way to know what you have.

Some people got annoyed by the "paced questions" approach - where you have to go through standard questions before having 1-on-1 conversations. I joined Eharmoney back in September 2015 and I found it a good site to use for online dating. One guy contacted me but plans fell through when he met someone else in real life. It wasn't a mainstream site but I got a good catch none the less.

Magnumitis kind of infected me at an early age and I kinda missed that cartridge.

I've got several friends whom just wouldn't shoot anything else.

Parker-Hale rifles were manufactured in Birmingham, England until Navy Arms purchased the manufacturing rights and built a plant in West Virginia for fabrication.

During 1992-1994 this new company, Gibbs Rifle Company, made models very similar to the older P-H rifles.

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