Dating fiestaware

The backdrops really do look like a city, and are painted with the right effect to ensure that it looks like an out of focus ‘blurry’ city view.

It’s LA – we have smog here, so painting a perfect blue sky is not exactly accurate, and this again is all part of the illusion that they create behind the scenes to make it appear as realistic on your TV when you view in every single week.

The assistant requires you to speak your request, which seems to be the newest option on customer service lines.

We pressed 0 when the automated system first started and again a couple more times.

Hidden among the legal wording of the Privacy Policy is the Customer Relations mailing address. Customers or visitors can contact the customer service department for JCPenney by email if desired. We did not realize that JCPenney still offered print catalogs, so we’ll update you on how long it takes to receive the catalog.

Well, this is my ‘I NOTICE YOU’ to all of those out there who have ever responded to the call of ‘Art Department! Working on commercials is different than a TV show where you get really into the characters.

That bookshelf is totally iconic and it was fought over at the end of the show.

It’s unique, visually interesting and makes styling a breeze what with the interest coming from the shelves versus the stuff that you have to put in them, no wonder they all wanted it.

When I moved to LA there was way less editorial photography happening here (I trained as a prop stylist) and I was encouraged to get into production design for commercials (which would have led to TV, etc).

It’s one of those positions where if no one notices you, it means you did a great job.

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