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Be a patient listener in the beginning and later use this as a way to make her understand the negatives about her existing boyfriend.

Women while being true to a relationship often ignore minor tiffs or deny terrible fights in order to move on.

However, unlike her very public relationship with Ronnie, she hoped to keep things private—something that's much easier considering he's not in the business."It's refreshing," she told us at the time.

Sammi has shared several PDA-filled photos since then, continuously gushing over how happy she is.

To see the girl of your dreams with someone else is sad for sure, it is a definite disaster which you probably were not prepared for.

So now how can you possibly date her, someone who is apparently in love and has a boyfriend?

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According to her Instagram, the couple appears to have been dating since at least April, which is when she posted their first photo together. News caught up with Sammi at the premiere party around the same time she shared the pic, and she admitted she was, indeed, dating someone.Maintain your innocence and make her your friend, but do not fall in the trap of the friend zone.A very important trait, listening is a virtue and you have to make sure that you are at the top of your game.Also, women like men who listen to what they have to say.It all finally comes down to this of course, you have to make her like you, or else everything else is futile.

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    Well we met and to be honest it was love at first sight, I visited Sian and ended up booking a hotel and staying the week!