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Identified as "Tamatheel S", she was taken to the gallows in Sawaka prison outside Amman for allegedly beating her elderly husband to death with a brick and burning his body in kerosene. The first of the recent female deaths at the hands of the Saudi police was reported by Amnesty International, who say that Zahra Habib Mansur al-Nasser, a 40-year-old Shia Muslim housewife from Awjam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, was arrested with her husband on the Saudi-Jordanian border in July 1989, with a photograph of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in her baggage. Beheaded in al-Baha, Saudi Arabia, for allegedly murdering her husband . Beheaded in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, for allegedly murdering her employer and his family 7 October 1994.

Both were taken to the Hudaitha detention centre where the woman was reportedly tortured to death by Saudi security men three days later. Beheaded in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, for allegedly murdering her husband 12 February 1993.

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Fear of a breakdown in security is pushing our rulers to put women as well as men under the sword." So far this year, there have been 182 public executions in Saudi Arabia.

But she was publicly beheaded in the Saudi port city of Jeddah on 25 September.

Occasionally, Saudi authorities have released brief announcements of the execution of women but have never revealed how their sharia courts reached their verdicts, nor why they could find no extenuating circumstances for the instances of husband-murder.

Of the 12 women known to have been executed in the Gulf over the past 32 months, 10 were put to death for alleged murder, four for killing their husbands, one for killing her father, one for killing a stepdaughter, two for killing employers and three on drugs-related offences.

One woman, a Saudi named Fatima bint Abdullah, was publicly beheaded last 27 March for allegedly running a brothel and "chewing qat", a leaf containing a mild drug from Yemen.

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