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Postcard manufacturers were well known for reusing photographs which were taken years, and sometimes decades earlier, which meant that this could possibly date from the early years of the 20th century.

A more solid clue came when I spotted the villas in a film held by the East Anglian Film Archive which appeared on the BFI’s Britain on Film Project.

I would guess that a date of the early 1930s looks about right.

My thanks to Linda for allowing me to share the photograph on here.

I had originally dated the postcard it came from to the 1920s or 1930s, but there were no real clues to provide a definitive date for it.

It shows the entrance to Daisy Broad with the building which later became the Beehive Stores on the left.

Back in 2012 I posted an old photograph showing the three identical villas which once stood on Daisy Broad at Hoveton.

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She found it among a collection of others which spanned the years between 1926 to 1938.

Chris had many fond memories of holidays spent there and sent me a wonderful collection of photographs which you can find here on the main Broadland Memories website.

An updated blog post duly appeared to accompany Chris’s contribution to the story but we were no nearer to establishing when the villas were actually built.

In the first article, The Enchantress and the mystery of Viscountess Bury, published in February 2012, I wrote about the ex Thames passenger launch which was eventually converted into the motor cruiser by Leo Robinson in the early 1920s having previously been used for a while to run pleasure trips from Oulton Broad.

I was contacted around 18 months later by Tim Sargeant who added a new twist to that story as one of the Oulton Broad postcards I had posted was actually of a different passenger launch bearing the same name. Banham c1910 with the intention of running her as a passenger cruiser from his boatyard in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

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