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"The expectation in their social group is to have concurrent partners; there's a sense that the more girlfriends you have, the higher your standing in your social group." Victims or willing accomplices?

The MRC is now recruiting for a study that will look at women's motivations and risk behaviours in their interactions with sugar daddies, but Chopra's impression is that "these are women who know what they're doing - it's to try and have some fun and get those extra things." Mapule and her friends confirm that women are rarely passive victims in these relationships.

More than half reported inconsistent condom use with an average of six sexual partners in the previous three months; less than half considered themselves at high risk of HIV infection, but of those who agreed to be tested, 12.3 percent were positive - twice the average for the area.

"It's a lot more relaxed here in terms of culture; I mean, when we shout, no one's going to tell us to keep our voices down." Moses is well-acquainted with The Rock, which he describes as a notorious pick-up joint.

"There are too many beautiful girls there: it's too tempting," says his colleague, Xolani [not his real name], a married 38-year-old who lives in one of the city's northern suburbs.

"They start telling you, 'I don't want you to party unless you're with me.'" Mapule and Nunu said at this point they broke things off, but not all their acquaintances were willing to give up the perks of dating older, wealthier men.

"When it starts, it's all about the money, but they [the women] get hooked on that," said Mapule.

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    According to the Bangor Daily News, the European Food Safety Authority, meanwhile, has deemed as safe the level of exposure to BPA encountered through food.

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    Information about this is included in Mission Gardens HOME grant application to the City of Santa Cruz, linked to below: As a law abiding resident of Mission Gardens who has been terrorized by resident criminals I am exercising my First Amendment rights to petition your body, asking that Rory Lachica, whose family has been committing (violent) crimes at Mission Gardens for the last 20 years, be immediately evicted under your powers as a grantor and administrator of the Mission Gardens housing project.