Dating rituals in korea

Other days’ include Rose Day on May 14th, and Wine Day on October 14th, which is simply exchanging roses and drinking wine together, respectively.On Black Day, which is on April 14th, some singles eat , or noodles with black soybean sauce together and promise themselves next year, they would be able to find partners and celebrate White Day.The most famous 14th day event besides Valentine’s is White Day, which is on March 14th.In Korea, women give chocolates to men on Valentine’s and men returns candies to women on White Day.Other events that Korean couples enjoy which are not related to their dating days are the 14th day of each month.The 14th day events originate from Valentine’s Day.Those days are celebrated by eating out at pleasant restaurants, having cake, exchanging love letters, flowers and presents.Teen couples even go as far as to celebrate their 22nd day calling it ‘two-two’, meaning they became ‘two’ instead of ‘one’.

Some people celebrate 50th-day anniversary as well.

Therefore, couples get upset and fight when their partners seem careless about message-sending.

There are, however, some Korean couples who do not want to be bothered by messages- but they also at least send good morning and good night texts to one another.

Although formulaic in some ways, the following features of how Koreans date may enlighten couples on maintaining better relationships.

Growing intimate through anniversaries and message-sending Most couples celebrate anniversaries year after year, but Korean couples go even further.

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