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Still, I held out hope, and then I tried my luck in Norfolk, Virginia, while visiting my parents over Labor Day weekend.Being the site of the world’s largest Navy base, I thought sheer numbers might result in an actual encounter.The site looks like it was designed on Microsoft Word in 1997, but it’s simple to use, and it’s free.The registration process was thorough: Asking my preferences from eye color all the way to income.I couldn’t tell the difference between live chats, messages, winks, likes, and whatever else was going on.The interface was so confusing that I couldn’t figure out if the messages were to me, or ones I had sent.Recently though, I started to think about how hard relationships can be for service members and veterans.

In retrospect, the popularity of mobile apps most likely draws the use of eligible military bachelors, because unlike these sites, the interface is more friendly and the likelihood of meeting someone is much higher.

After a week on this site with seemingly no coherent mail, I quit it too.

As a result, most of my interactions came from Military

minus the guys that were just looking for nude photos, of course.

After a month of mostly trivial conversations about the weather, what it’s like to live in New York, and if I would consider getting a Kik account, I can now say 100% that military dating sites suck.

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