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As the plates of all fine engravings, only print a limited number of impressions, and these of course, the most perfect at the first; it is therefore respectfully suggested to those who may he desirous of obtaining copies, to insert their names and addresses into the subscription list, as early as possible, so that they may be supplied in the succession of their applications.

Subscription Lists, now lay open at the Bank of Australia; the Bank of New South Wales; the Sydney Gazette Office; the Australian Newspaper Office; the Monitor Office; Cummings’ Hotel; the Royal Hotel; the Australian Hotel; Hill’s Rose and Crown Tavern; and, at Mr.

There were some comments about this booklet called “Select Views of Sydney, New South Wales”, including the images – shown below – from various newspapers between December 1828 and May 1829: “THE FINE ARTS.- Mr.

However there is one notable publication that should get a mention here, “Picture of Sydney: and Strangers’ Guide in N. Only several selected ones shown below: Male and female black natives, New South Wales ( Sydney Cove from the stream ( New Court House, South Head Road, Sydney ( There would be more – you’d find some through State Library of NSW or National Library of Australia.

This post covers other artworks John Carmichael have done through his lifetime between Scotland and Australia.

He did quite a lot in his 54 years, including teaching, drawing, etching, engraving, printing, painting, and doing lithography.

It is proposed to complete the whole in six views, to be published with a prospectus, at 15s. This is far too low to numerate the skill and time of the engraver, whom it will take months ere he can complete a work, which, in this country, was never yet equaled, and in few places promises to be excelled.

Ingenuity and skill, such as are displayed in this undertaking are certainly well worthy of cultivation, and we would confidently solicit the warm support of the public in behalf of the engraver, who has a further claim upon the patronage of the liberal minded, in his being dumb, and we believe, deaf. Carmichael complete his stupendous work, it will be a credit to the Colony.

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