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I believe in "kind goodbyes" (I blogged about this here: ) but even in the midst of being ghosted, I know this isn't about me.If you are showing up emotionally in your relationships, letting your needs and wants be known while learning theirs, then you are communicating clearly and being authentic.

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Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction..saw each other 3-5 times a week, we had met each other's kids, I had a key to his house and we were planning to meet each other's friends, as well.

*Meeting someone in person and saying "we should get together some time" but never doing it.

*You've been on more than one date, especially three or more.

*You've set up a first date (or any subsequent ones), with a time and place, then hear nothing again.

*You've been just Friends with Benefits and have decided to enter some monogamous relationship.

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