Dating tad hamilton how long were your friends before dating

His manager and his agent, played by Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes (and both named Richard Levy) insist that he make a grand gesture to prove he's the boy-next-door type.

The plan: a big national contest where one lucky girl gets to win a date with him. Va., checkout girls at the local Piggy-Wiggy supermarket, Rosalee Futch (Kate Bosworth) and Cathy Feely (Ginnifer Goodwin), swoon over Tad at the local theatre.

Unfortunately, the convention-endorsing climax suggests that might not have been intentional.

This is a film that's overloaded with superfluities and underwhelming in terms of substance.Grace, so good in That ’70s Show, is here an uncomfortably caustic, charmless version of Chandler from Friends (with an appalling haircut that does him no favours in the heart-throb stakes); instead of demonstrating his love for Rosalee, he’s reduced to taking snide pot-shots at his new love rival, Hamilton.And where Hamilton should be Tad The Cad, using Rosalee to improve his own life and career, newcomer Duhamel is instead utterly dashing, handsome, witty and charming — sharing real chemistry with Bosworth.Justice Delayed Hundreds of Illinois prisoners languish behind bars because Cook County court clerk Dorothy Brown has failed to do her job.Classification: PG Rating: ** ½ Sweet but clumsy, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton is a youth film with an appealing cast and not much idea what to do with it.

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