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He took a six week trip to South America with his on-again off-again male companion, gay actor Cesar Romero.

Upon his return, he entered into a tempestuous relationship with Lana Turner, who was then the queen of MGM and between husbands.

The sexual orientation of those featured here did not stand in the way of their achievements.

Ohio-born movie star Tyrone Power (1914–1958) was the son of an actor.

In his book, The Evening Crowd at Kirmser's: A Gay Life in the 1940s, Ricardo J.

Brown confirms that Tyrone Power and Tallulah Bankhead were among thespians and movie stars who were bisexual. Santalo writes that "many stars of the silver screen, dating back to Tyrone Power," had been gay or bisexual.

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One afternoon on the set in Spain, during a dueling scene with George Sanders involving heavy swords, Tyrone collapsed.

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Read this post carefully -- I'm not saying Power was gay; I'm saying he was bisexual, engaging in sexual relations with both men and women.

Although Tyrone was only in his early forties, he was beginning to look older than his years.

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