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Paige previously dated former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, and they were engaged for a time.

You can check out some of the Instagram photos posted by Paige and Blehm online, including what appears to be the two at a basketball game in Orlando, Florida.

There’s a section on her site called “Face The Truth” in which she spews some facts about tanning beds and why they’re a waste a time and unhealthy. I would’ve tacked on a paragraph about spray-tans being the ultimate waste of time, and that surely would not have jived with Her Royal Sprayness.

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John Rocker’s girlfriend Julie Mc Gee is a spray-tan business owner and future Survivor contestant. First of all, owning a spray-tan business is sort of like the Sopranos equivalent of “going straight.” You’re not committing any crimes, but your level of greasiness and low-brow practices continues unabated.

Spraying on a tan is sort of baffling to me because it’s very easily spotted and rarely improves one’s looks. Instead of classic single player competitive Surviving, we have couples vying for the million bucks.

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