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It shows like this: *Local Defence: (dudes-username and note) Stormwind is under attack! Do you think its CN or another add-on or conflict perhaps? ) Any suggestions how to get rid of it without losing my notes!?Also, while Im here, a gentle prod about the possibility of a list of everybody you've added?Live Strip Cam Horny Hunky Webcam Babe Working it on Sexcam Karin ASS is one of the most popular webcam chat girls and loves playing on her free live cam.She loves to give herself pleasure while others watch her streaming sex video room in fact, thats what turns her on the most.

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It is very time consuming to click on each player to see if I have added him a noteyou should see if anyone has a notebook, without which he writes something in chatt I have a rather strange error shown up.

I wrote a chat note in the normal way about someone, and now the name and note show up in brackets every time Local Defence kicks off! I've tried getting rid of it every way I can think of but no luck.

They'd be some awesome additions =) hehe yea sorry, we get a bit carried away at times (usually by men in white coats, obviously lol).

Jax is an old friend (well, lets face it, we're all old now but thats not the point...).

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