Did natalie portman dating sean penn

“She stimulates him in ways no other person has, mentally or professionally,” says a source.“There’s a lot more there with Natalie than any of the other girls Sean’s been with.” It was Sean’s mid-March indiscretion with Natalie that encouraged Robin, 43, to stop turning a blind eye to her husband’s philandering.

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Penn allegedly broke up with Scar Jo after just five months, because he “didn’t want anything serious.” Wow.

“She was furious he was messing around with such a young star,” says an insider. It’s what Sean always does.”print edition, May 18 2009] Yes, I could totally see Robin being disgusted by Sean’s womanizing, especially if it’s with someone like Natalie.

“It made her sickly jealous.” And with that, she told Sean she’d had enough and expected him to be a faithful husband and father. This will not be a smooth divorce.” [During] Dean’s acceptance speech for his Best Actor win for Milk, he failed to mention his long-suffering wife, who sat just a few feet away, crying. And I actually see Sean and Robin’s split going down the way describes – Robin accuses, gives an ultimatum, Sean balks and walks away from a twenty-year relationship without looking back.

First, reports surfaced that Natalie Portman and Sean Penn were caught making out in March.

Then, Sean and his wife Robin Wright Penn announced they had separated (again).

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