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During her school years she was scouted in front of the 109 department store in Shibuya, Tokyo. ) was born on February 12, 1988 in Izumi, Kagoshima. She was very passionate and serious in her dreams and at the early time she was planning to start her career.A wedding ceremony and reception details have not yet been decided.

Good actors don't pretending crying on screen, they are actually thinking of a situation with the real experience(emotions) they have had in real life which that can brings tears to their eyes.

During her career, she has appeared in advertisements for such non-fashion/non-cosmetic items, like Coca-Cola, the Japanese Red Cross, Japan Post Service, Johnson & Johnson's Japanese branch, KDDI's au, Lion as well as Nintendo's video game Rhythm Heaven and many others.

Additionally, she appeared with "No Mercy" Nozomi Sasaki in NASCAR-orientated magazine “Racing On”. In the 2007 she appeared in the movie “Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru”.

Nana Eikura does not act, she is just "being herself" on the screen and that's the beauty of it. love to see u in mei chan n wait to seeu in toshokan senso!

I feel the connections with the character more when they just being themselves on the screen.

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