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Then I take off my pants & panties, Then I roll the rug half way and sit on the rolled up part.

I saw what she had been doing and was struck with the urge to try it myself.

I tried to pull her hand away but me doing that it made two of her fingers go inside me.

I told her to keep going after that but she stopped.

back then I didn’t know what masterbating was but my friend thought we were the only ones to do that so she told me she wanted to stop.

I was sad cuz I loved the feeling but a little bit later I realized I could do it on my own I started to explore my body and see what turned me on the most I found out that it was rubbing my clit up and down or side to side I would do it almost every night. (read more) Girl-on-Girl Well, I go in my bathroom and lock the door first.

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