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Sandwiched between Dalmaji-gil Road to the right and Dongbaekseom Island to the left, Haeundae Beach is an expansive, white-sand beach that is one of the most popular tourist sites in Busan.The beach is easily accessible via public transportation and is an ideal festival venue, hosting various events and celebrations throughout the year.It also presents a beautiful harmony with nature, including gardens and ponds which make a great backdrop for pictures to take home.N Seoul Tower is an all-time favorite tourist attraction and has become a symbol of Seoul.The museum also runs hands-on traditional culture programs and folk classes to share the proud legacy of traditional Korean culture with museum visitors.Located on the western end of Haeundae Beach, Dongbaekseom Island is also called “Iron Island” due to its shape resembling an iron floating on the sea.Gyeongbokgung Palace is Korea’s most representative royal palace, showcasing the beautiful architectural traditions of Korea.The palace served as housing for the king as well as a spacious plaza for dealing with public affairs.

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Busan Museum tells the history of the Busan area from prehistoric times to the modern era through collections of local artifacts and documents.Located in the center of the Gangnam area, Bongeunsa Temple has more than 1,200 years of history.This historic temple houses extensive records of Korea’s Buddhist culture, but visitors of all backgrounds and religions come to enjoy the view and serenity within the bustling city.To get the most out of your stay, visit some of Seoul's most famous attractions by taking a trip aboard the Seoul City Tour Bus, which offers various routes.The Downtown/Palace Course travels to all the major tourist spots, while the City & Traditional Culture Course stops at some of the best traditional markets and major shopping districts.

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