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He had made his mind up the first time she had teased him with her pale skin and Caucasian breasts, he would teach her just how superior he was to her in every respect.

Sarah was going to learn to worship black meat, not treat it with disdain.

She smiled again at the way her life had settled into the routine that she wanted ( adoring husband with a good job who pandered to her every need) as she made the final turn into the street in which she worked, passing the busy street caf where executives stoked up on designer coffees before facing the corporate day.

Sarah walked to work that beautiful summer morning just as she did every morning.He had been there a few mornings just recently, and always the shades made it impossible to be sure Winston watched Sarah very carefully as she undulated past. Winston had made a point of finding out everything he could about Sarah since the first time she had flaunted that beautiful chest at him so disrespectfully.Her magnificent chest trembled ever so slightly under the silk that encased it as she walked. Winston was used to having women treat him with the kind of utter respect and hunger that a sexual athlete such as he commanded.Normally, Winston would have sat on the cash until Kenny was out, but now he had a much better use for it.He filled in the credit slip to the value of ,000, and carefully copied Sarahs signature from the delivery slip she had unwittingly signed for Leroy as he had delivered the stationery later yesterday morning.

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