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What’s more interesting about these declines is that they seem to -- at least in part -- correspond to the introduction and range expansion of an alien species from North America.

There are reports of hostility between these species -- including instances where Greys have apparently killed young Reds -- but, on the whole, encounters seem to emanate a sense of tolerance, if not indifference.Indeed, aggressive encounters are well known between Greys and it seems that they are just as likely to attack and kill a conspecific as they are a heterospecifc.Overall, there are far more observations of these two species feeding amicably together than there are records of aggression between the two.As early as 1944, it was apparent that Grey squirrels had become well established and that Red squirrels were in serious decline across the country, although opinion has always been divided as to the root cause of this decline because Red squirrel populations have suffered many times throughout their history.For example, Reds were actively hunted in the New Forest (Hampshire) during the 19th Century and, in her book , Jessica Holm states that in 1889 nearly 2,300 Reds were shot because they were considered a pest to the timber industry; between 19, the Highland Squirrel Club reputedly killed 82,000 Reds.

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