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The book is 8.5"x 10", which gives you quite a bit of room for writing, and it has these great pockets for items you know you want to keep, but wouldn't generally be able to fit into a keepsake book.The book starts at the very beginning of mom's pregnancy and even has room for an ultrasound picture (I recommend scanning your ultrasound picture and having an actual photo print made because the image on the ultrasound can really fade over time).This baby keepsake book is great because it's not just about baby, it's about the journey to having baby too, and there's room for mom and dad to put their thoughts about the experiences leading up to the big day (and of course, after). The years that pass between finding out you are expecting, and your child going to preschool come fast, and the amount of changes that take place during that time frame are phenomenal.But these days the Scratch & Sketch books are a lot fancier than what we had, and include great themes like Butterflies, or Batman (there's a Christmas theme too, and anyone of these would make a great holiday gift for a child).There are a lot of other items I could discuss because the inventory is better than plentiful, and each item is as enticing as the next.

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